Sicily - Vehicle Rental Services

Shopping from Sicily is quite convenient.  However adequate transport might get tricky.  Finding the right rental might take ages, not to mention the condition of the vehicle.  This is why most people decide on using their own vehicle, many times at the cost of not having enough space to store the items bought or related cargo.

But, worry not, as Burmarrad Commercials are here to help.

We are launching our Sicily Rental service, whereby you can choose a commercial vehicle to use for your Sicily shopping experience.  Our vehicles are guaranteed to be in tip-top condition, thus eliminating any related unnecessary worries. 

You will be able to drive comfortably with no problems regarding space.

Our fleet is at your disposal, even if it’s just a day trip.

We promise a quick, affordable and efficient service.

Contact us for a quote and more info:

T: 2157 3261 / 2158 0855