Our Company offers rental services for all types of private and commercial vehicles.

We are currently looking for a Full time Fleet Controller join our growing team.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Manage company vehicle fleet operations and scheduling to ensure the availability of vehicles as needed
  • Scheduling vehicle maintenance and repairs as needed, ensuring that vehicles are safe for use
  • Coordinating with support staff to ensure that vehicles are filled with fuel and ready for clients
  • Develop and implement standard operational standards to maintain vehicles by advocating best practices in industry
  • Scheduling and planning the availability of replacement vehicles
  • Ensure vehicles are well taken care off and are kept clean
  • Implement, maintain and develop policies and processes to ensure fleet operates effectively and efficiently, educating staff with the company’s concepts, practices and procedures.
  • Problem identifying and solving of Company vehicles in terms of operation and resource.
  • Reporting any dents and damages to the After Sales Manager so as to open insurance claims
  • Oversee vehicle inspection done by support staff periodically to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures
  • Providing support and guidance to internal departments in the company
  • Other general duties that may be required by the directors.


The ideal candidate should:

  • Have experience in the car rental industry
  • Be Customer Oriented
  • Be Highly organised
  • Be Flexible with their work schedule, to meet the needs of the business.

Interested candidates should send their CV to: hr@bc.com.mt